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How to earn 100 Rs per day without investment online? Is it possible? The same question came across my mind multiple times, so, like every Tom Dick or Harry, I google and Google.

I came across this earning site on a Reddit Online group. They were sharing their online earning report with the group, so I clicked on the sites without wasting time.

I was a little shocked positively to know that this site is owned by none other than Amazon Giant,

So, my trust score for this site was 10/10 without signing up.

But Still, I have one target in mind: How to earn 100 Rs per day without investment online.

So Let’s see if I manage to do it

I jumped on the site, which looks like below

How to earn 100 Rs per day without investment online

Since I was looking to work from home, I had to choose Sign in as a worker and Client who provided they could sign in as a requester.
The next was to fill in appropriate details and banking information if you live in the US.

Otherwise, They had an option to transfer via Amazon credit balance, or you can use Some sites like Hyperwallet to Transfer money to India.

Before I found these sites, I typed some words like online jobs for students to work from home without investment, and all I saw were ads and scams.

Luckily, I found this site via Reddit. Although this site is less famous than Pepper Content, where you can earn lakhs, it still has the potential to make you earn 100 per day without any investment.

The Good thing about these sites is It has a variety of categories to select from,

The incredible thing about this site is there is no human intervention, no client who will interfere with your work, and you can select your timing or day per your preferences.

You can check it in the below images.

How to earn 100 Rs per day without investment online

A Layman will be confused with this online earning site just by looking at the dashboard,

So the First thing to do on the dashboard is to Check Numbers to HITS. More hits mean more from the same client or repetitive.

Reward means how much you will be paid once completed; try to Use the Filter at the top right and sort by highest Reward.

You can click on the preview to understand more about the work; once you know everything,

You can accept the work and complete it.

And wait for some time to get the reward; even if you complete a few hits, you will make more than 5 dollars a day, which is equivalent to Rs 400

Check Earning

How to earn 100 Rs per day without investment online

Once the client checks the Work or so-called Hits
Once they find it up to mark
They will release the payment
You can see your earnings in the Available Earnings Section
if you are living Outside the US
Sign up on Hyperwallet. Add local bank
and linked it to Amazon mturk
and Transfer money from Mturk to Hyperwallet

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