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While going through various earn money online without investment, I checked LinkedIn, I came across a job called Content Creator for Pepper Content. I immediately applied for it. In return, it sent a reply to my registered LinkedIn email address.

The reply asked me to sign up for their creator website.

But, I have to make sure, I earn money online without investment or scam, So I decided to give it a try and proceed with sign up steps

Earn money online without investment

After I signed up for their website and entered the basic details like – my full name, email address, address, phone number, preferred niche for writing – healthcare, IT, technology, management, etc, available hours for writing, and how many words I could write in a day, I received this email-

Earn money online without investment

I cleared the proficiency test. It had a grammar test and an assignment test. The grammar test was so arduous that even when I tried to google the questions to cross-check my answers, Google could not give me any answers.
The test phase is tricky for freelancers- the ones inept with grammar only clear it. In the assignment test- I was to write on a topic for 200 words. I got the result after a few days, and it showed that I had aced it! Check the image below.

Earn money online without investment

Screenshot: Just for reference

I got pointed to a dashboard. The dashboard consisted of the total number of assignments, submission dates, deadline, and words per assignment. A tutorial in the lower right corner helped me get accustomed to the dashboard, an advantageous feature of Pepper Content.

I had to be very specific about the niches I was comfortable writing in, total number of words I could write in a day, which type of writing I preferred – SEO copywriting, content writing, articles, blogs, etc, and which types of clients I preferred – B2B, B2C, etc.

The next part was to wait for assignments on the opportunity board. Now, this opportunity board feature is a unique trait of Pepper Content. I have to stick to my mantra of, “earn money online without investment and see if pepper content is worth it

In a sea of assignment requests, you choose the topic you are most confident about something like, you choose your niche on site like amazon mturk – writing, completing, and submitting after editing.

The most important task for a freelancer here is to check the brief of a topic – if you can match all the criteria and complete it within the client’s required timeframe. Choosing the topic is more about selecting the most appropriate brief for you.

For instance, I chose Atropine for 750 INR in 700 words. The article had to be in simple language addressing all individuals. The deadline was after three days. I submitted it before the deadline, and my assignment reached an editor for proofreading it.

The editor’s job is to match the assignment with the client’s brief and check his previous articles (mentioned, if any, under the references section of the brief).

As a freelance writer, I must provide quality work no matter what. For that matter, I use Grammarly Premium to check for errors and spelling mistakes and Quetext to check for plagiarism.

For me, editors usually brought in minor changes, and some liked my work and gave me five stars. Yes, the most riveting portion of working for Pepper Content is receiving stars, ratings, and badges.

The clients are fuss-free and have very peaceful communication with you when you get stuck at any stage of writing the assignment. The chat section in the dashboard helps you communicate with the client effortlessly.

After the editor gives stars and gives my assignment to the client as a final submission, the client goes through my work. It’s look like my motto of, “Earn money online without investment” seems to be working
The client then approves it if it matches all their criteria. After the assignment is approved, payment gets released after 45 days.

The assignment gets a mark of APPROVED, and I receive the payment for the same after 45 days, usually on the 15th of the subsequent month.

You can check on the screenshot above, I was paid more than 1.44 Lakh Rupee on this platform during my freelance journey on this site and I want to say that it is possible to earn money online without investment.

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