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I had recently left my day job to focus on my passion. It surprised most of my peers, but if it had not happened, it would have never happened.
Like any curious individual, I looked up Google for a keyword like

Introduction : “Freelancer jobs work from home without investment

freelance jobs for 12th pass

digital marketing freelancer in India

freelancer data entry jobs free registration

freelance data entry jobs from home without investment

As we know, Google is a home for billions of information

Finding a legit one seems, pretty, hard at this moment.

Just typing, freelancer jobs work from home without investment

You are bombarded with ads and sites which claim, “You can earn 100 dollar a day with just a copy and paste

And other sites which mentioned you can earn Rs 1000-5000 per day with Review on Google Map

All these looks suspicious and my mind was not agreeing to anything in this site,

So I dive deeper on Google search and came across an article from Business Today (leading trusted news site, where they mentioned 23 % Indian freelancer earn up to 60 lakh per annum which was according to PayPal report from 500 surveyed Indian freelancer.

So I realized that it is definitely possible to earn online but the thing I have to be careful with my work and after looking for various and legit site for freelance,

What caught my eye was the website Freelancer.in. That was the first time I came across the word – FREELANCER.


It means to work as an individual. Become an individual contributor.
So, when I opened the website, this is what it looked like –

freelance jobs for 12th pass

Since I was looking for an online job as a writer,

Sign up Process: freelancer jobs work from home without investment

I clicked on And, it opened another window which showed this –

I filled in my details. The next thing they asked me was to make a username. After that, they asked me if I wanted to work or hire. I chose work. Then, they asked me about my top skills. Under top skills, I mentioned content writing, copywriting, research, proofreading, and blogging. Look below

They asked me to link one of my other accounts – LinkedIn or Facebook.

After the signup process, a dashboard opened. Here’s what it looked like –

freelancer data entry jobs free registration

It gave me many projects to choose from. Whichever I found most doable, I clicked on them. After clicking on a project, I had to complete my profile. I filled in the required details like profile description and hourly rate.

The dashboard required a few verifications on my part, like phone, email, Facebook, and LinkedIn. It allowed me to apply for a few grammatical tests on its dashboard. I cleared the US English 1 test with 90% marks.

Main focus of the work include, Writing –Freelancer jobs work from home without investment”

Once my profile was complete, I applied for projects. One such project was a Creative Content Writer requirement for a startup website.

The client clearly explained the requirements to me through chat.

Earning Report: From this freelancer job sites

He wanted me to write content for his website. I finished the project within two days and received 1250 INR for it. Check out his feedback in the image mentioned below-

I got the job because of my proposal. I made sure it stood out from other freelancers.

He needed a creative writer, and I explained how I helped a friend name his website creatively.

For proposals, you should tailor-make your pitch and match your client’s needs.

Freelancer jobs work from home without investment

Once I submitted the project to the client, the client wanted me to make a few changes.

I gladly made those. Then came the clearance of the payment part.

He approved it. And I received 1250 INR in my Freelancer account wallet.

Withdraw method: Freelancer jobs work from home without investment

Now, this transfer takes about a week. Transferring takes place from the Freelancer account wallet to my bank account.

digital marketing freelancer in india

Everything depends on how well you write according to the client’s needs and how fast you execute the project.

For any freelancing website that pays online, trust is a crucial anchor. If this anchor feels fishy or dodgy, then do not go for it.

In Freelancer.in website, the writer chats with the client. The client could be a professional hirer or Freelancer.in website or a scammer.

The dashboard of the proposal gives this disclaimer, and every writer or freelance content blogger must pay extra attention to it.

Finally, I realized, Freelance.in is definitely recommended for

Verdict: Totally recommended this site

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